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Coming September 2024!

Is fictional love better than the real thing?

Newly divorced and living with a roommate - Josh, Brynn is sick of heartbreak.At least she’s got Carson’s Cove - her beloved 2000s teenage soap. The show ended on a cliffhanger after five seasons, and the two main characters never got to declare their love for one another.So when a birthday cake shows up on her and Josh’s doorstep, Brynn makes an impulsive wish for her own happily-ever-after.The next morning, she doesn't wake up in her apartment. She's in Carson's Cove...and Josh is there too. Except they're not Brynn and Josh; they're the sweetheart and the bad boy.Will they stick to the script, or will real love change the story forever?

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When Gemma gets dumped by her practical boyfriend, she soothes the sting of rejection with margaritas. When her quirky aunt suggests a love cleanse, she's all  in... until the spell demands a kiss from her BFF, Dax.

When she wakes, it's as if her ex never existed. However, the spell has spiraled her life down a different path. To put everything back, she'll have to reverse the spell, including the kiss from Dax.

Which would be easy.... if Dax knew who she was.  

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