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Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome! 

Leave your troubles outside!



Am I just shamelessly ripping off lyrics from Cabaret? Yes! Does that mean I’m going to start ripping off clothing? Probably not, I'm a Canadian gal and it tends to get a little chilly up here. But if you want to take your bra off and get more comfortable, please go right ahead, this is a judgement free site.



Okay, so no troubles... no bra.. What we need next is a glass of wine, dreams of a hot sandy beach somewhere and maybe a good book to take us there? If that sounds good, you grab the corkscrew, I’ll work on the rest! 



Are you back yet? ‘Cause I’ve made some serious progress. I’ve got a great list of reads to steam up the chilliest of spaces. Feel free to hit up my  Instagram for some reviews, or my Goodreads for a look at what’s been keeping me warm at night. Better yet, add your contact info below, so I can keep you updated on some steamy narratives of my own!



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